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7 Cost-Saving AC Tips

During the summer months, the cost of cooling your home can be daunting. The lower you set the thermostat, the more energy your air conditioner needs to keep the home cool. Humidity makes that even harder to do. Without a doubt, most property owners want to find a way to maintain their comfort in their homes, but doing so does not always have to be expensive.

With a bit of insight into a few ways to reduce your costs, and professional help for air conditioning in Grand Rapids, MI you can have the best of both worlds – comfort and lower energy consumption.

Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

Consider a few of the most effective ways to reduce your air conditioning costs. 

1. Install a smart thermostat

There’s no benefit to reaching optimal temperature when you’re not home. A smart thermostat may help you reduce your energy consumption. It provides a way to automate and control temperatures based on conditions outside and whether or not anyone is home.

2. Ensure windows are tightly shut

Shutting your windows helps to reduce the amount of cooled air that gets out of your home. If your windows are older, you could be losing a significant amount of energy through them – even up to 30%. That could mean investing in energy-efficient windows is the best way to reduce your costs.

3. Keep the drapes shut or use solar screens

Blocking more of the sun’s rays from getting into your home can also help to improve energy costs. It works to help block the heat that would come into the home at the hottest periods of the day. Solar screens may also prove an effective option to help with this.

4. Increase air circulation 

Using fans in your home is a great way to reduce the overall need for air conditioning to keep your home comfortable. Moving air feels cooler than air that’s stuffy. Turn the ceiling fan on each day. Also, consider installing fans in your attic to help move hot air out of the home’s upper levels. This could allow you to set the temperature a bit higher, reducing energy costs.

5. Keep the outdoor condenser clean

Remove leaves and other debris from around the outdoor condenser. This device typically looks like a large fan inside a box. If any component is clogged with dirt and debris, that makes it harder for the air conditioner to work, requiring the use of more energy.

6. Upgrade an old air conditioner

There will be times that you’ll need to replace the air conditioner, especially if it is more than 10 years old or breaks down often. Older models could be 30 to 50% less efficient than newer ENERGY STAR models. 

7: Keep your filters changed

It’s a good idea to replace air conditioner filters at least one time a month. Doing so helps your system to pull in air more efficiently. Ultimately, this leads to better overall function and reduces the risk of expensive repairs, too. 

Contact Peak Heating and Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our team. We’ll help you get the best performance from your air conditioner.

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