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Choosing a Thermostat to Boost HVAC Efficiency

Your thermostat controls the indoor temperature of your home. It has a simple job to do, and it does that job well. But can your thermostat do more? Upgrading your thermostat can boost your HVAC’s efficiency by offering additional programming capabilities. Enhancements in technology mean that thermostats can do more than ever – and you can choose one that fits your family’s unique needs. But how do you know which thermostat is right for you?

Learn more about important digital thermostat features that can make your HVAC more efficient. Then when you’re ready for an HVAC service in Grand Rapids, MI, give us a call. We have a variety of thermostat options to choose from, and we can install a new thermostat without needing to upgrade your entire HVAC unit.

Temperature Accuracy

A manual thermostat has a small lever that you use to choose a temperature. You try to align the lever with your desired temperature, but there’s a lot of guesswork involved. You can easily be off by two to three degrees as you try to see which mark aligns with which number. A difference of a few degrees can cost you a lot each month on your heating and cooling bills. Plus, you may be left trying to adjust the lever millimeters at a time to heat or cool your house until it feels right. 

A digital thermostat removes all the guesswork. If you want your home to reach 72 degrees, you can select that temperature exactly using the digital reading. The thermostat will show the temperature you selected alongside the actual temperature of your home so that you’ll know how warm or cool your home is compared to the chosen temperature. 


Digital thermostats are often programmable so that you can preselect temperature settings for different times of the day and even different days of the week. Create a customized temperature schedule based on your routines. For example, during the summer you can preset your thermostat to allow your house to be warmer during the day while you’re at work. 

Then, you can schedule the temperature to begin cooling down again an hour before you get home. You can do the same thing with heat in the winter. Utilizing thermostat automation can help you save as much as 10% on your energy bills over the course of a year. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Digital thermostats connect to Wi-Fi so that you can control the temperature when you’re away. For example, you’ve selected your presets, but today you anticipate working a half day and getting home early. You can adjust the settings so your home begins to cool down or heat up again before you arrive. This way, the temperature is comfortable when you get home, but you still save on not maintaining that temperature while you’re away. 

Contact Peak Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your home services. We do things the right way, not the easy way.

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