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Important Signs That You Need AC Repair

You need your air conditioner to be reliable. It helps to keep the air temperature on hot days comfortable. It also helps to reduce moisture buildup in your home. Yet, air conditioners can suffer from problems, especially when there is significant demand for them to operate day in and day out all summer long. Sometimes you’ll need AC repair in Grand Rapids, MI. You should not wait until the system stops working or your home reaches 90 degrees to take action. Look for some important signs that you should call for repairs right away.

The Air Isn’t as Cool as It Was

It’s not uncommon for the system to struggle on very hot days. However, when you notice the air coming from the AC is warmer than it used to be, that’s an indication you may need to make some repairs. This could mean the system needs an adjustment, or there is a leak with the coolant that helps produce cold air.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Responding

If your thermostat is not working the way it should and you’ve replaced the batteries in it (if it is not hardwired into place), it’s time to consider a repair. Thermostats tell the air conditioner to function when it reaches the temp you set. If you notice that the air conditioner runs and then shuts off quickly or seems to not turn on at all, that could be a problem with your thermostat. Sometimes, it may seem to work well for a few hours and stop working. These are all problems an HVAC specialist can help you with overcoming.

Your AC Unit Is Loud

The outdoor condenser to your air conditioner will run loud as it needs to ramp up cooling due to higher temperatures. However, if you notice different sounds coming from the system, including the indoor component, that may require a technician. That includes any type of grinding you hear. Call a technician right away if you hear scraping, metal rubbing against metal, or squealing. They may tell you to turn off the AC until they can get out there to inspect it. This often means components are rubbing against each other, creating friction.

Strange Odors

Just as the system may be loud, it may also have new smells. If you smell a strong odor, turn off the AC and call a technician. It may be a burned out wire that is causing this. Or, in some cases, mold could be developing in the system. You’ll smell a musky smell in this situation.

There’s No Air Coming From the Vents

If the system is running, but there’s no air coming from the vents, or it is very little, that could be an indication that the air compressor is failing or that the ductwork has developed a hole in it. Many things can cause this, but it typically leads to a very warm home that will not cool properly.

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