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Key Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your AC Unit

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When is it time to upgrade your current air conditioner to a new model? Most people know that these systems will need replacement at some time in the future, but the question is, when? Most of the time, replacement occurs after making repairs to it is no longer a feasible option, such as when your technician tells you that repairs are too costly or not possible. Yet, there are a few other situations where it may be wise to upgrade. Doing this in the spring months is ideal. Here are some tips on knowing when to get an AC upgrade in Grand Rapids, MI.

You’re Investing in Repairs Often

Upgrading your AC may be necessary if you are having trouble keeping it operating year after year without having to spend a lot of money. It’s a good idea to have a spring inspection each year to determine the condition of your home’s air conditioner and to get maintenance tasks completed. However, if this leads to costly repairs or your system stops working mid-season, it’s best to consider upgrading instead.

Constantly Running

Sometimes as an air conditioner ages, it becomes less capable of meeting the demands of the home. It may try to compensate by running all of the time because it never quite reaches the desired reading on the thermostat. There are other reasons for this as well, but in situations where your system is simply not able to cool the home enough, it may be time to upgrade.

Upgrading now at the start of the season can help you avoid all of those high energy costs associated with your system operating endlessly like this all season. Replace it now and enjoy cool temps all season long.

Changes in Sound

Another indication of the need for repair or replacement occurs when you start to hear noises coming from the system. Older systems can become very loud as they try to operate. If your outdoor unit sounds louder than it used to and may even have some rattling in it, the system needs repair. This may be something you can repair. Other times, you’ll need to replace the system to get your home back to getting cool again.

It’s Older

Most air conditioners will last 10 to 15 years. Some will last longer than that, especially if well maintained. Other times, they fail sooner. Old age is generally not the only reason to switch to a new system, but it can be an important reason to consider it. That is especially true in situations where your energy bills are on the rise because the older system is no longer efficient.

Remember, taking the steps to get your AC inspected now is best. Doing this at the end of the spring and start of the summer months is beneficial. It can help ensure you have a cool and comfortable home all season long. It may help you deal with costly repairs over time as well, saving you money.

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