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How a Heat Pump Can Improve Your Home Efficiency and Comfort 

Fall is around the corner and all of the pumpkin-themed items are beginning to hit stores. That means it’s almost time to crank up the heater for the first time this season. When you turn it on for the first time, you run it to run smoothly and heat your home to your desired temperature. But what if your system isn’t meeting your expectations?

It may be time for an upgrade, and our team can help. If you’re interested in heat pumps in Grand Rapids, MI, give us a call. A heat pump offers many benefits, including energy efficiency and elevated comfort. If you’re not familiar with a heat pump system, read on to learn more about the benefits of a heat pump. 

It’s Not Just for Heat

You hear the words ‘heat pump’ and you only think about warming your home. But a heat pump system can also cool your home in the summer. If you don’t have a heat pump, you probably have a combination system that uses central AC alongside a furnace. When you get a heat pump, you have one single system that both heats and cools.

Reduce Energy Bills

A heat pumping uses less energy than other HVAC systems. A heat pump is more eco-friendly and this helps it to be more energy efficient. When you use less energy, you pay less on your energy bills. So, while installing a heat pump does cost money, it’s an investment. And you’ll see a return on your investment each month through energy savings. 

Long Life

A heat pump can last you for ten to fifteen years, so it’s a worthwhile investment. The difference between the system lasting less time or more time is how you care for your heat pump. Investing in annual or biannual tune-ups ensures that your heat pump will last for closer to fifteen years while also maintaining energy efficiency. Each year the system loses some of its efficiency, but with maintenance, you get some of that efficiency back.

Gentle on the Environment

Heat pumps don’t require chemicals to heat or cool your home. Instead of generating its own warm or cool air, a heat pump collects heat and moves it to where you need it. While it sounds confusing, a heat pump collects warm air in the winter and brings it inside your home. Then it collects cool air in the summer and brings it inside your home. Even when the temperatures are very cold, there is still some heat in the air, and vis versa. A heat pump filters out that heat and blows it inside. 

Improved Safety

Many HVAC systems rely on combustion-based heating. This means that the unit uses combustion to create hot air to blow into your home, which can pose a fire risk. A heat pump doesn’t pose that same risk. With a heat pump, you don’t have the worry about the system overheating or causing a fire. 

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