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It’s Never Too Early for Heating Maintenance

The temperatures are dropping and it’s officially fall! Leaves are changing colors and soon you’ll be turning on your heater if you haven’t already. It’s only going to continue getting cooler, and you want your heater to work at its best when we reach the coldest days of winter. 

Have you scheduled heater maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI yet this year? It’s never too early for heating maintenance! In fact, fall is the perfect time for a heater tune-up because you can ensure your heater will work right every time. Then we can set you up on our VIP maintenance plan so you never have to worry about heater problems again.

Don’t Put Off Heating Maintenance

When your heater is working the way it should, it’s easy to feel like you can postpone heating maintenance for another time. After all, why should you fix something that isn’t broken? Well, something may very well be broken and you just don’t realize it. Problems don’t happen overnight. 

They start out as a very small component that is loose or something similarly insignificant. Related components begin to feel the effects of whatever is wrong until the damage spreads enough to cause a problem that you can see or hear. Heating maintenance fixes those tiny problems before they become big problems. While heating maintenance does cost money, it actually offers savings in the long run when you consider avoiding unexpected heating repairs.

Four Reasons to Prioritize Heating Maintenance

  1. Prevent the unexpected. You know that your heater will have something go wrong eventually. Will it be this season, or next season, or five years from now? That’s the part that you don’t know. Heater maintenance helps you to plan ahead for the unexpected. You prevent problems before they ever begin. A heating expert can identify problems and offer solutions so you don’t come home one day to learn that your heater doesn’t work on a cold winter day. 
  2. Stay safe and warm. There are a variety of heater types and they all need regular maintenance. Having a furnace tune-up or a heat pump checkup ensures that your heater keeps your home warm and your family safe. When everything is working properly, you don’t have to worry about safety concerns. Maintenance isn’t just about your comfort. It’s also about ensuring that each component is working at its best so that nothing will go wrong that could potentially lead to property damage.
  3. Boost energy efficiency. Your heater naturally loses some of its efficiency over time. Years pass and the system requires more energy to heat your home to the same levels as it did in past years. But heating maintenance helps you to maintain efficiency. Your heater can work smarter and not harder.
  4. Lower energy costs. When your system is efficient, it costs less to heat your home. You may not think that saving $10 or $15 per month is a lot, but it has the potential to add up over the life of your unit to the tune of thousands of dollars in savings. Plus, you could extend the life of your unit, which also saves you by not having to replace your heater as soon. 

Contact Peak Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your home services. We do things the right way, not the easy way.

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