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When to Call for Water Heater Repair

There’s nothing quite like a hot shower after a long day. When you step into the shower, and that water isn’t warm, there’s likely a problem with your water heater. Water heaters require routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure they operate at their best. Yet, it’s not uncommon for water heaters to need updates and repairs from time to time, even when maintained. If you are having problems with your water heater in Grand Rapids, MI, don’t put off the small signs that your system is not working well. Doing so could lead to more costly repairs later. Know when to call a technician for an inspection and repair.

Reasons Your Water Heater Might Need Repair

Though you may not see your water heater running, there are a few signs to look for that may indicate that it’s time to request professional repair. Here are a few of those:

  • Temperature changes: If you notice temperature changes that come on suddenly, often going from hot to cold and back again, that’s an indication of a repair need. It could be due to a dip tube problem, which could lead to a need to replace a broken dip tube.
  • No hot water: A very common first indication of a problem is the lack of any hot water. This could be something simple, like the system not getting power. Other times, it may be due to the thermostat failing. A professional can inspect and determine the underlying cause and repair it.
  • Leaks: Water heaters can leak, especially as they age or if they suffer any damage to the tank itself. Heaters with even very small leaks need immediate attention as these can worsen quickly, causing a significant risk of flooding in the home.
  • Rusting: If there are any signs of rusting on your water heater, that’s an indication of corrosion that needs to be addressed. You don’t want rust to get in contact with the water.
  • Strange sounds: A change in the sounds coming from your water heater also indicates a need for repairs. This may include a hissing sound or a popping or banging noise. In some situations, it may sound like a crackling.

Don’t try to make these repairs yourself. Instead, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, call a professional.

The Importance of Professional Work

Any time there’s a need to have your home’s water heater repaired, only turn to a trusted, experienced plumber to do the work. A licensed technician ensures the work is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which can often prolong its life. Additionally, they know what to do to keep your home’s water heater running at its best—and more efficient manner—possible.

If the problem is significant, they may need to replace the hot water heater. However, a professional will not recommend this unless it is the best option for your long-term needs.

Contact Peak Heating and Cooling today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We do things the right way, not the easy way.

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