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Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI

Give us a call today: 231-237-7969

Have an air conditioner that seems to be less efficient with each year? Or maybe you are noticing that your heater is needing repairs more frequently even though it is only five years old. These are struggles we understand and struggles we can help with. When you schedule maintenance with our team, you’ll enjoy knowing that your systems are in great hands. We promise 100% satisfaction with every job we do. The benefits that come from maintenance and our expert services make this easy to provide!

Want to get some additional benefits on top of those that you’ll enjoy when you schedule an appointment with Peak Heating and Cooling? Pull in the added perks by signing up for our maintenance program!


Sign Up for the VIP Annual Maintenance Plan

We designed our maintenance program with our customers in mind. That’s why there is so much to love about it. Our maintenance services include a multi-point check-up for your AC and/or heater. This allows us to provide you with benefits that include:

  • Better system efficiency
  • Better home comfort
  • Fewer repair needs
  • Same day service for all members
  • Discounts on repairs for all members
  • 24-hour service, all year long.

Why wait? Sign up today and schedule an appointment to give your HVAC system a helping hand and yourself better peace of mind.

Contact Peak Heating and Cooling to learn more or sign-up today. We do things the right way, not the easy way.